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BioTherm Fluids® HD is a patented biobased, ready-to-use, non-glycol coolant / anti-freeze / heat transfer fluid which combines highly refined glycerin certified to ASTM D7640 and a traditional nitrite coolant corrosion inhibitor package (No Amines or Phosphates) to create a heavy duty glycerin coolant suitable for use in virtually any engine application.


Looking for a nitrite free coolant / antifreeze? See IceClear HD.


BioTherm Fluids® HD meets the requirements of ASTM D7714 (Glycerin Base Engine Coolant for Automobile and Light-Duty Service) and ASTM D7715 (Standard Specification for Fully-Formulated Glycerin Base Coolant for Heavy-Duty Engines). Our corrosion package provides outstanding extended protection against liner pitting and corrosion of steel, copper, brass, solder, cast aluminum, and cast iron. BioTherm Fluids® HD lubricates pumps and valves, provides excellent scaling resistance, is fully compatible with gaskets, seals, elastomers and other non-metallic pump and engine parts, offers a freeze point of -31° F, burst protection to -50° F. BioTherm Fluids HD provides extended life up to a 350,000 mile change interval in properly maintained engine systems and up to 3 years in static systems or low temperature systems.



Yellow Liquid
Mild/No Odor
pH (9.0 - 10.9)
Specific Gravity 1.15
Freeze Point
-31 °F (-35 °C)
Viscosity 11 (@ 20C cSt)

BioTherm Fluids® HD

Glycerin Based Heavy Duty Extended Life Coolant / Antifreeze & Heat Transfer Fluid

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BioTherm Fluids® HD Estimated Values
BioTherm HD (% Vol)



Freeze Point


Boiling Point


Specific Heat


Viscosity cSt

@68F (20C)

10046.5-30 / -35228 / 109.7410.8
9043-19 / -28225.7 / 107.6.778.5
8039-9 / -23222.6 / 106.86
7034.60 / -18220.6 / 104.8.8244.6
6030.85.5 / -14.8218.8 / 103.8.8453.5
5025.912.5 / -10.8217.5 / 103.8652.7



Note: Diluting this product more than 14% with water may be at risk from bacterial contamination. Custom blending is available.

US Patents
One or more claims 5,876,621; 5,980,774; 6,506,318; 6,890,451; 7,270,768 and issued and pending continuations thereof.

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BioTherm HD is the leader in quality, safety and environmental concerns and is a 100% certified USDA Biobased Product in the USDA BioPreferred® Program. BioTherm HD is readily biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and has a neutral pH. Glycerin is considered “GRAS”, (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration).


Designed for industrial and environmentally sensitive coolant / anti-freeze / heat transfer and secondary refrigerant applications, BioTherm Fluids HD is a perfect glycol replacement and can be used in virtually all gasoline, diesel and natural gas engines and other applications such as:

• Fleet/Automotive
• Boilers and other Closed Loop Systems
• Solar Systems
• Geothermal 
• Floor Heating Systems
• Hydrostatic/Pressure Testing


Looking for a nitrite free coolant / antifreeze? See IceClear HD.


BioTherm HD is a glycerin based product, DO NOT use testers designed for glycols. Freeze point range can quickly be determined by a special specific gravity type tester (pictured left) available from Orison or more accurately by a Brix refractometer (Brix pictured right). Recommended drain and recharge with BioTherm HD if Brix value is less than 37.0 as this indicates the product has been diluted by at least 20%. A conversion chartshowing Brix readings and freeze point is also available from Orison. 


We also offer a bottle of 50 custom test strips (right) which are a quick and easy way to identify levels of inhibitor, freeze point and pH in the field. Simply dip the tester in BioTherm HD and compare the color coded results on the label. These test strips are specifically designed for BioTherm HD. Do not use glycol testers to determine freeze point protection.


Although no negative effects are expected, mixing antifreeze/coolants is not recommended due to varying freeze point depressants and corrosion inhibitor technologies which leads to difficulties determining actual freeze point protection and corrosion inhibition properties. Use only BioTherm HD in the system.

The chart below is supplied as a guide for diagnostic / maintenance purposes. The values are calculated values and are only approximations. BioTherm HD is ready-to-use and not to be diluted as the result would weaken the corrosion inhibitor package and could be at risk from bacterial contamination. 

Meets ASTM D7714 & D7715